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Post  bobhickman on Mon Nov 01, 2010 2:45 pm

- ,- , - , - , -11-1-2010-boo, chanted, its him, said, showed, partial face hollie, but, she changed, God said, put it under, JEsus, said, bob when you dream, said, its partial face hollie, she claps, showed, its uh night vision, showed, lay down, hollie showed, record, and I, stamp, hollie, said, its, the, beast, pope, running out, hollie, said, its, i am gogey, he said, like a angel man, thats hollie said, its, that o black stagecoach, and, hu hintao, appearing, theres, pope, hollie, said, are you gonna let me, said, hollie, its, record, she, showed, thats hollie getting food, out of, its dumpster, she, feeds animals, come here, she, said, go home, dont do this, said, hollie, just, open up, its, one hollie, said, thats facebook angel, in, where picture should be, i'm his new minstry of dreams, said, it angel partial face hollie said, its, new, marine corp., said, bells, as they rang, hollie bell appears, thats angel marine guard, its gabriel, its protecting, bobby he said, its, lootin, gabriel, said, thats, barack obama announcing, its under economic collapse, barack happy, many hollies run, they steal, hollie said, mostly silhouette faces and him, said she hollie, lets rule the world, said, its putin, said, partial face hollie, thats hollie correcting mistakes, its his ship agin, hollie said, its the, m.v. wilhelm gustloff ship, its big and beautiful, but, thats three torpedoes striking its side, thats, russian submarine commander, sinking, thats many people swimming in cold water, they go numb hollie said, after about, five minutes, its, to late, but, there was, uh, rescue ship near, many survived, put it under, said, hollie, stamped, its, the, prophet u.s.a., thats gabriel said hollie, in, its u.s.a. today times, his picture, thats, gabriels face like mostly silhouette light face, showing, people running, and, looting, its, under, economic collapse, hollie said, wearing red plad coat, thats, beep, hollie said, its pentecostal, she said like angel man, with, its, long nose, theres, writing on, its i'm the beep, said angel, its new ministry of dreams, website, thats beep, prophecy ministry, website, like missile shaped head angel man, its o, said, hollie, angels head mostly blue, angel got happy, hollie laughed, coming out, thats hollie sitting at Gods interviewing table, asking, was that hollie acting like, the ministry of dreams, beep pentecostal page, Jesus shakes, yes, hollie laughs coming out, but, goes back, bobby, said, it hollie said partial face hollie with all her face there, showed, popes picture with brown hair, let me rule the world, said, its putin laying before, showed, partial face hollie, thats, captain hollie flying in his, its uh, showed, partial face hollie, spacesaucer jet bomber, thats him dropping bombs, america below, exploded, thats submarines, appearing, al around, its on the day of the LOrd, said hollie cnn news anchor man ascending up into sky, wearing, suit, whats that, said, hollie, its the uhleave it alone, said, him, said partial face hollie with uh golden mostly, silhouette face, hollie stomped her foot, hey said, another, hollie coming out, pointed, hollies face changed into like white angel, thats it, showed, hollie, its, the new world order, cart, with yellow dragon coming out, it has eight kings, hollie said, these will rise against america, she, said, lets rule the world, said, putin, hugo hollie said, shakes, yes, but showed, its no way, he said, hollie stamps, lula looks stout, hes out soon, replaced by, woman, shes for, but, showed, lets git outta here, she, said, thats, nicaraguan president, looking stout, but showing, no, like castrol, both dread, theres missile leaving america, striking cuBA, EXPLODED, nicaragua burned, hey said, hollie, nuclear fires in, its venezuela and brazil, its, thats, tripod hollie said, submarines and cuban and mexican and nicaraguan waters, its they shower, said, hollie, that, she pointed, but body hidden, another, hollie came out, looked at bob, showed, eat, hollie screamed, why whats his reason, said, hollie, screamed, theres uh submarine, right there, said, hollie, waved, its him, said, a golden mostly silhouette partial face hollie, he waved, thats him showing his sub, sub smiles, sub sat at, its Gods interviewing table, stamped, partial silhouette face hollie, its, he made it said submarine, thats hollie taking president george bush to microphone, he bit on his chicken, I made our war, he said, ate chicken, its to break'em, steal our oil wells, he said, ate chicken and hollie takes to fire, thats captain hollie firing, thats gaza and iraq on fire, lets rule the world, said, it putin, said mostly silhouette face partial face hollie, thats hand showing, its, turn, said, partial face hollie, hollies body dimly faded in, she, wore uh dress, partial face hollie said, china, thats him, thats, the, leader of magog, said, it, hollie, said, silhouette mostly face partial face hollie, its hu hintao, waving, bobby, said, it hollie said mostly silhouette face partial face hollie, showed, lay down, hollie snapped her fingers, no said, hollie, I showed, i'm away, with it, thru, she, said, but hollie shook, yes, hollie like, white hollie showed, eat, hollie, disappeared, the pope appeared, thats what you want, thats what you got said him said mostly silhouette face partial face hollie, this is uh warning, please post something said hollie and the post angel appeared, this is very serious she said, come on, said, hollie with Jesus inside, hollie showed, turn, then turn again, big hand, thats, him, said partial face hollie appearing underneath, light feather, another, hollie comes out, its o, she, said, the she hollie changed into dim hollie, but he tickled her feet, she smiled, that was submarine sorrow, said, it, said, partial face hollie with golden like face, hidden hollie, submarines appear all around america, he said, partial face hollie, waved, both american coasts, burn, hollie showed, turn, what was she like uh cat for, its, him, said partial face hollie, i'm with putin, said, partial face hollie showed, bear, licked prophet, pulled putin to himself, were one bear said, its, please, said, hollie, with Jesus, inside, hey pointed, hollie, that was tear up, but hollie, she, was, silhouette, face, thats, put back, but different hollie, big hands, hollie with Jesus inside, showed, record, showed, lay down, showed, with stick, bobby she said, you see me, she said, showed, its pontey, hollie said, its you wanted uh vampire, thats hollie like uh vampire, smiling, its formerly, thats her at Gods interviewing table with God partly there, asking her if she wanted role, its put me on she said, record, said, hollie, with, Jesus, inside, showed, its, pope, she, said, with, brown hair, spacesoarer, said, him, said, partial face hollie with mostly silhouette face, hollie flew in his space-soarer, thats nuclear n.a.t.o. countries and russia burning, world shaking, smoke rises, i'm said, sun, moon, he transformed, showed, partial face hollie, but showed, not uh word, sun laughs,


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