Holy Ghost enters me like body perfect size, God hides in bob hickman, JEsus hides in bob hickman

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Holy Ghost enters me like body perfect size, God hides in bob hickman, JEsus hides in bob hickman

Post  bobhickman on Sun Feb 05, 2012 1:54 pm

Jesus showed me in visions spirits that looked like people and they said: 2-5-2012-bobby, hollie showed time, burgundy sweatshirt on, Gods new hammo sang, hes transforming hollie said, but old hammo appeared, not looking happy, God said, put it under, bobby, watch this, hollie said, its, God, starting to fear, Jesus is rubbing, chin, now its the billboard, I dont want it, God said, and you can afford, you need to record, hollie appeared, golden face, thats m.v. wilhelm gustloff ship, like well dressed angel, but ship, it appeared, hollie showed, big hand, appearing, herself, hollie showed, its facebookplanet ministryofdreams, its like Gods hammo, and was, Gods hammo, hes angelic being, and changing, not seeming to happy, but got better, bob thats moodie and janette fucking again, hes happy, gray sweatshirt on, janette red plad coat, not, caring but was happy, turned on side, bob thats janette, phone ringin, Gods hammo on, dont answer the phone, round angelic hammo said, pointy like, tripod hat on, light, hollie showed, hollie showed turn, but changed into new hammo like lighted being, tripod shaped light hat on but, hollie thought, its dull, thats your doreen, angel said, hollie showed, its doreen appearing, still working but shes, thats her as ministering spirit, its on, ministry of dreams, and Gods new hammo appeared, like lighted round head, triangle hat on, but different shades, bob your heart has been bruised and terrorised so many time you have not got long to live, heres the sign, hollie comes out, showed, its angry light Father appearing, Gods hammo sang, but reappeared, changed, a little, hollie shows, its red like setting, but different colors to, you can not live no longer with me terrorising and stalking saith the LOrd, it was Jesus, hollie said, coming back out, shes acting different, boo they chant, hollie said, light shinned in darness, its he hollie appearing, others there, but not seen to well, theres black like structure, way back, Jesus appears behind, why do you boo, hollie said, to one, he just looked, their laughin, he said, showed many babies, thats them born in world without God, no, its lawlessness JEsus said, put it under, JEsus, said, you to bob, your causing it, thats many in world now, not knowing God, your getting put out the door, its angel, hollie said, did say, thats, its moodie leaving home again, happy, but thats him reporting to janette, its, true, she said, I love you, both, plad coats on, thats hollie in the fire, twisting head, happy, nice brown hair, dont look back, hollie comes out, its new hollie that, said, hollie showed, turn, like new hollie like round head, big golden, hat, thats kind of, hollie wonders, triangle shaped, but flat on top, has like, ridges around, but, he opened his mouth, when reappeared, white light head, hollies screamin for this reason, she said, screamed again, but only turned head, not heard, hollie stomped foot, clapped hand, light foot, new hollie showed, turn, only big white light hand appeared first, round head later, submarine, right there, pointed, hollie, its, the, submarine somby, hollie drives, pulls up, its top of mountain burning, its they shower, she said, then she came out, showed, thats Gods hammo singing, but changing to like Father, america being showered, with thermo nukes, clear channel, thats what you want, said, hollie, thats, hollie appearing, its on billboard sign, hollie stamps, but, its, from behind, she said, turning and looking, hollie drove his tank, she hollie comes out, his face was blank, she said, but it appeared, but, rest disappeared, but, was there, Father shows up, big nose, fire colored, in like sheet, its ghost, hollie said, hollie pointed turn, a she one said, but thought, rubbed chin, stomped foot, showed, keep going straight, a she hollie said, but bob you turned anyway, put, it under, hollie showed, sleep, laid on side, face was light, hollie showed, turn, like uh animal, hollie, amber colored,holy Ghost lives in bob hickman


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