the constant visions from Jesus

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the constant visions from Jesus

Post  bobhickman on Tue Mar 29, 2011 2:08 pm

the g8-vision received 3-28-2011-in this vision I saw putin and heard his voice say, "i'm the g8", and In other visions I saw a he hollie flying in spacesaucer and a she hollie on 3-39 look at her light watch, and also the new ministering spirit on ministryofdreams, the webcam camera, and it just looked. <P>Jesus showed me in visions spirits that looked like people and they said: 3-29-2011-hollie screamin for this reason, showed uh he hollie on laptop, its uh cellphone t.v. He said, then pope appeared hollie said God said, on its screen, i am gog, he said, showed eat while he spoke, wore uh blue sweatshirt, showed seal it up and eat, its uh new him said uh she hollie God said, hollie flew, its spacesoarem jet, she said, dropped bombs, its, over into, she said, and, new hollie arises, like bluish bear hollie, i'm uh bear, it putin, i'm the nuclear g8, he said, hollie saw, that, she, pointed, red hand, its nuclear n.a.t.o. countries exploding, and, yellow dragon rising like serpent, its, hollie showed, tall, hollie tried to pull off, its dumpster kaper, got inside, and, I looked at that, hollie said, thats submarines all around america, that, hollie said, red hands, both coasts burn, that, hollie said, showed, eat, once we hit alaska first, said, it hollie said, Jesus, thats, Jesus like cat riding missile and its angel, its sailing over, that, hollie said, but, another hollie, let me observe, she said, that, hollie said, its his ship, the m.v. wilhelm gustloff ship, appearing, that, hollie said, theres ship, being rocked by torpedoes, that, hollie said, adolf hitler on deck as torpedo explodes, he caused it hollie said, theres ship and adolf hitler sitting at, scene spins, its Gods intereviewing table, he caused it, ship said, looking at hitler, was angry, hitler, wiped his mouth, Jesus, said, shook yes, scene closes, with that, hollie comes out, now let me, see, said, uh new hollie, uh different one, another new hollie said with nice full hair, hollie showed, turn, new hollie showed, go, like, gloved, boxing red hand, hollie showed, write the letter, its janette hollie spoke, hollie screamin for this reason, showed, bob do video, and that round ball like video camera showing, pope, its, i'm the beast, video camera showed, fight, thats hegoat, its pontey, hollie did convey, showed fight to, but her body not seen, but appeared, it was blue, she are carrot, hollie got the mail out of her p.o. box, said, this is hollie, whew mail, hollie spoke, boo chanted many he hollies, hollie found the, keys, website said, post, something said hollie tap dancing, got her drink, wore, its uh, another hollie said, long coat, hollie showed, go, both hands, then, showed, turn, one hand, but, lighted, like, bear paw, tear up, said, hollie, put back, but, hey, said, same hollie, coming out, hollies body not seen but another hollie appeared, she was there, was blue, i'm she conveyed, mouth open, write uh new book said, it angel, new he hollie said, hollie showed, book, its, visions of the three woes, with blue cover, black letters, he aint gonna do it, said, hollie, angel showed, record, thats lighted hand, showing, turn, but angel darkly appeared, what are you gonna do with oldsmobile, said, it angel hollie, spoke, drove her, its oldsmobile 442, thats, numbers showing, 13.2 quarter mile, its uh dodge caravan, said, it, hollie, she drove like white angel, git another one, said, it, JEsus, hollie pointed turn, lighted hand, thats hollie on the lookout, had new white plad coat on, nice long brown hair and, hollie with nice hair appears pointing at her hair, hollie speaked out the webcam and webcam had golden hair, hollie did the video at, its public library, but she stamped, scene spun, but hollie disappeared and hand like bear hand, its on board the, said, hollie, who me, said, the m.v. wilhelm gustloff ship, hollie on s.s. titanic like shipmate with, orange hair, pope showed turn, with, uh lighted hand, hollie said, prophesy and say, said, it, said, angel, hollie said, thats, hollie saw, its uh storm, she, said, its, brewing she said, thats storm on, its panhandle, hollie, spoke, florida coast, thats wind blowing hard, bob prophesy and say, said, it, hollie, another, hollie said, thats, hollie with, partial silhouette face playing the, its sound, hes making it on his like organ, i'm dying said, hollie, its bob she said, saw him in bed hungry, what does hollie say said me, hollie said, hollie drank the coffee, go to walmart hollie said, thats another hollie, first hollie said, but she was, new, Jesus spoke, hollie walked at, its, walmart but hand stamps, scene spins, and, Gods hammer comes out, appearing, just his head like blue head but hes new to, then Jesus appeared, you see hollie, he conveyed, hollie spoke, it, bobby said, hollie, lighted hand showed turn but pope appeared, prophet hollie showed, take the bath, thats, said, it, hollie, the Father on, its old steam locomotive, then, theres, face hollie said, its, hi i'm locomotive, engine, said, git outta here, said, its hollie, she came out, spoke, God looked at, its hollie in video but not clearly seen, but, she appeared, hollie showed, eat, God said, bob, hollie said, showed bite something, hollie showed, turn,[url= ] [/url]


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