the hour of decision, rapture day coming

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the hour of decision, rapture day coming

Post  bobhickman on Mon Nov 01, 2010 12:24 pm

visions received 3-29-2011-lets go, said, hollie, it, she said, bobby, said hollie, showed her light God said, its time, she said, then just light watch, on her arm, appers, its, after five, she said, lets, go to, grace apostolic church, thats hollie walking about the church, just talking, in heart, but wearing uh plad coat, thats her, with them all, holding hands, lets link together, she said, JEsus appears, thats what I want, he said, but, she left, 9-11-2011-record, hollie said, its nine, eleven, again, she said, put it under, hollie said, lets, she said, stomps, foot, hey another, points, where did hollie go, only her feet, but was face was blank, but only somewhat, then it appeared, hollie, said, its for I persecute, God said, by trying to make my servants loose their salvation byt manifold temptations, for its for I mess with, tease, saith God, maiming and wrinkling face, by causing face muscles to tighten, when using, and deseasing gums, and more saith God, -


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